Saturday, November 2, 2013

Porch painting is finished!

 I'm a little behind in this blog.  We did close on the house on the last day of the contract!  So, we are now down to one house!  WOOHOO!  We are still living in one room in the basement, but I'm OK with it.  I know we will someday be upstairs, and right now I'm still feeling the relief of just having one place to keep up.  I had no idea how much stress we were under until it was all over.  And as long as we are moving forward, I'm good.  No deadlines, just moving forward!

So, we were working on porches the last time I posted...and we still are! 
This is the porch I left you with the last time...and you can see it is very close to being finished.

We decided to get all of the painting done before cold weather set in.

 The upstairs balcony seemed to take a long time to finish painting for some reason.  It was a bit chilly out that day, but we think anything this high off of the ground just takes longer.  Don't know why.

  This porch is right off of the upstairs bedroom that everyone is fighting over!
 Because of this view!  
All of the porches have this view....but only one bedroom has a balcony.
 We had another warm day so Dave took the afternoon off and we got the final porch painted.

 By the time I finished painting all of these cracks and crevices with a brush, I was DONE PAINTING.  Dave did help paint the crevices and cracks as well.  Then he would roll while I finished.  I'm just tired of painting. After all of the columns, bases, caps, and now porches...I'm a little bit tired of it!  I have a couple of Adirondack chairs I need to paint, and I have been putting it off.  Maybe tomorrow.
 When we were painting this last porch, it was a nice sunny, warm day.  And these Asian beetles were bombarding us.
 They were so horrible that they were flying in the paint buckets, and just everywhere.  We couldn't even sit outside they were so bad.
I'm just glad we got the porches painted.  Now Dave can finish the ceilings and upstairs railing and such on nice days to come.



  1. Wonderful progress. Uh... do you think maybe you want to screen one of the porches in?! (Just joking - I'm betting the beetles are just passing through.

  2. "minature little feet prints " is all i can imagine!

    Congrats - you are one step further to moving "upstairs"... ;)

  3. Dreaming, the original plan was to have the downstairs porch (the one we were painting last) screened in. But we are planning on building a screened in room. But yes, we do need screens somewhere. The bugs can get very annoying out here.

    Feral, I thought the same thing! I was thinking about bricks and how you can buy them with animal prints or leaf prints and such....


  4. I just looked at these pictures AGAIN and thought ohhh how pretty those porches looked with GREEN GRASS around them:::::made me feel like spring has sprung;:::one should look at the for a reminder what we will see again BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH!
    the cumin