Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Porch update

Well we did not finish the porches before the snow started flying.  It is snowing outside right now.  
But we are SO THANKFUL that we got the porches secured, and almost done, before the tornado came through!  We seriously doubt these porches would have held up during the storm.  The winds were around 84 mph in our area. We did finish the painting on all three porches since the last time I posted.  And Dave got the ceiling up on the balcony.
 You can see here the bottom porch still needs a ceiling...
 We started on the railing but had to get more, and a couple of parts had to be ordered.  Each spindle has to be cut down on the top and bottom.  It seems that everything we do, has to have an extra step or two involved to finish the project. 
 I LOVE the way the railing looks.
I like it so much, that we've decided to add it on all of the porches.  The bigger front porch will only have it on the front ends, and in the center there will be steps. 

We did do a "walk-through" in the house the other day, to try and decide what to do next.  I think, after the Holidays, we are going to start on the breezeway.  It's such a small room, we are hoping to put plastic up and warm it up with a little propane heater.  It is VERY cold in the rest of the house.  I am also thankful for insulation and a warm room to live in!
I'm getting excited to start on the upstairs!!!


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