Saturday, October 19, 2013

One porch almost finished

First the good news...and if you follow my other blog, you already know.  The house, and potting shed, passed the VA appraiser, after we scraped, and caulked, and painted.  The contract expires October 24, which is this week.  So we are hoping for a closing date this week, and not another disappointment.  The last contract fell through the week of closing.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed!
 We are back to work on our house we are building, and living in.  I'm hoping the porches will be finished by the time snow flies!  Although, I heard it could fly as soon as Tuesday. I  hope not!  We did paint the decking on the big porch yesterday. 

 I took a paint brush and went through all of the cracks and crevices, while Dave rolled.  He sanded it all first, so it would be smooth to paint (and walk on).  The problem was trying to get comfortable.  I tried sitting, but I had to move to often.  I tried standing but bending over at 55...jeeeeeesh.  And I tried crawling, with knee pads on, but it was still uncomfy.  Oh only took us a couple of hours to paint. 

I think the only thing left to do on this porch is wrapping the front and sides of the decking with aluminum, and the skirting. 

Then we need to finish up these two porches.  After the porches....back inside the house, I hope!  
I'm so ready for a big kitchen!  I dream about it!


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  1. house on outside looking good!!!!!!!!
    OHh can't wait for you to get that kitchen!! have you started looking at kitchen ideas or already have them????
    what will you do for heat up there to work??
    cuzin gloria