Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finished painting bathroom

This is a view from one end of our bath/laundry room

(washer dryer area)

and this is look at the other end. The walls are all prepped and I spent three days out there this week painting the ceiling and the walls....and can you believe I did not get one picture of those walls painted walls! Yeah, I know, I believe it too. Oh well, I'll get them. In the meantime imagine creamy walls.

Dave had two days off this week and we spent one of those days shopping for tile, a bathroom vanity, lights, and crown moulding. We learned a BIG lesson. Shop for that stuff before roughing in the electrical or plumbing. We found out you have the option of bathroom vanities being the same height as a kitchen counter. 40 inches tall. We went by the height of our bathroom vanity at home, which was only replaced a few years ago. So, now we have some electrical outlets in the way if we want to make the bathroom vanity kitchen counter height.

We decided for the upstairs, where we plan on living forever, that we are going to shop for the fixtures, etc. first, then finish the room.

Anyway, here are some tile choices. I like this one, and it matches the other room very well. But we are thinking of maybe going with something a little different.

So we might go with a lighter choice. This picture doesn't really show the true color, but you get the idea. I'm thinking of the smaller one on the right as far as color. Then we need to determine what size to get.

I thought this was cute......but Lordy it was expensive! And no place to put all the gadgets such as curling irons, make-up etc.



  1. The sinks is lovely, perhaps it would be worth it to place a small table to the side so you can put your curling iron, etc... there?

  2. That sink is very cute. Could you find an antique dresser that you could sit next to it for storage and to sit your curling iron on while you are using it? A drawer for your make up or a basket? Some pretty fluffy towels would look great on the shelf under the sink. It is your forever house. I should talk though because I cannot really talk hubs into pulling the vanity out of my bathroom I do not like because it will wreck the tiles.

  3. I like the sink, too... but you are right - not very practical.
    Picking tile is so darn hard. There are so many choices!