Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft room, Bathroom, osb, and yard

Go get a cup of coffee, or tea, this is a long one!

In the last couple of months, whenever I haven't been painting, tileing, mudding drywall, working in the yard, etc., I've been working on setting up a craft room. I've never had a craft room. Oh, I claimed I had a craft room. In it was a table, a sewing machine, and a computer w/desk. No shelves, and no place to store supplies. Some supplies were in the basement or in closets around the house. But none in the actual 'craft' room.
So, I've emptied these sturdy ex-library shelves that have been in our basement in town for years, and moved them to our new house. Dave got them at a school auction and they've had books on them in our basement. My books. Cook books, craft books, reading material, gardening books, etc. I took all of the books off and boxed them up. Some will be put in garage sale, some I'll keep. But in our new house I want an area in my kitchen for cook books, an area upstairs for novels, and an area in the den for whatever other books I think I need ;-) In the craft room, will be craft-type books.

So, I brought the shelves in, and loaded them up. All of this stuff is a collection of material, wool, yarn etc. Most of the material has been gathered from garage sales that I've been going to for years and years.

Then....Dave's Mom, a crafter, gave me a lot of her craft stuff when she moved. Some of it very cute and useful.

But I was out of room and still wasn't finished with my own craft stuff.

This is a lab table (from a school auction) and I had 'stuff' on it.

Then, I got this dresser of baskets at an auction (see a trend here - we rarely buy anything new or for full price)

and Dave trash picked this bakers rack. The wood on it is in bad shape, but I washed it all down and got an idea.

Take everything off of the lab table, move it, and load up the bakers rack and basket dresser.


And on Wednesday, my cousin Gloria came over and helped me move the furniture and fix up the craft room. She said I need to take all of the wool I've been collecting (at garage sales, coats, sweaters, suit jackets) and put them in clear storage boxes. I freed up two whole shelving units by using the bakers rack, dresser, and storage boxes.

We emptied off the lab table and moved it

and did an imitation with boxes of how I want to set up the room. The boxes two the right are where my sewing machine will go, the boxes to the left are where a table will go.

I think it's gonna work. In the meantime, I keep plugging away. And thanks Gloria! I really appreciated your help.

Ok enough about that....let's talk about o.s.b. Have you heard of it? You have if you have followed this blog. Have you heard about Hurricane Isaac? Apparently Isaac is going to hit Florida. So people are using osb to board up their I type they are boarding their homes.

I use osb to write love notes to my man, or notes about our house, but we also use it in the construction process. And when there is a hurricane coming, and people are using up osb, the price triples. So, instead of it being $6.00 a sheet, it's now $18.00 a sheet.

It's the one price that isn't getting blamed on the drought. Quite the opposite, actually. Not good for us construction people. But here's my question. Why do people take advantage of others during disasters? I bet you if the hurricane hits, and people lose power, the price of generators will triple.

Bathroom update......I hear what you all are saying about putting a table or something beside that vanity (in the last post) to hold curling irons and what not. The problem is, it's very hard to put a table on either side of it, because the plumbing is right in the center of the wall for the vanity. So there really isn't room for a table. I actually bought this buffet piece of furniture at a garage sale, for $40.00, to turn into a vanity/sink area.

But it will take longer, and at this point, I JUST WANT IT DONE. We have set a goal to be moved in by the first of October. I'll save that information and how we came up with that for another post.

I've decided for the time being that I think this vanity would look nice in our bathroom, only we have room for a wider one, so it will have a set of drawers on the left side too.

I especially like the sink they put with it. Don't know why, I just do. We haven't bought it yet, this is a picture I took at the store.

Here are the pics of the painted walls and lighting.

Washer and dryer area above...didn't have a shade on the light fixture at the time, but there is now.

Bathroom vanity area. (huge ceiling fan because I am ALWAYS hot! augh!)

aaahhhemmmmm.....toilet area!

Remember this....the whole front yard getting torn up and raised to the level of the house...

The grass is growing now. (this pic taken from the street, in my car)

And we have been tiling all week.

Today we will grout the tile

and we'll be moving on to the trim this week!

That's all for now!



  1. Oh my, busy busy, but you have to be if you're going to be moving in so soon. That's going to be a GRAND crafting area btw.

    Wishing you the best of luck and a hot, homecooked meal soon!

  2. Wow ... you have been busy! Thought I'd hop on over here from your other blog to see what you've been doing rather than ask you how much you've got left to do! Fingers crossed you get it all done by October!!

    Love your craft room ... what a fantastic space with lots of room!! Just think, when you're done with house building you'll have so much more time for crochet etc...

  3. Wow could you be any busier?! I Love all the pieces you are using in your craft room. I do the same. The dresser and gun case that we re-purposed in my craft room were free, free, free!