Thursday, February 2, 2012


56 colors of cream/white and I can't find one I like. I'm so over chosing paint colors.
My friend said if I can't find a color I like, pick a name I like. So I picked Greek Villa. Bought a sample. Looks like white on the wall. I want cream. you hear me? Not yellow. Not taupe. Not gray or grey, Cream dammit!

Cindy Bee


  1. I hAtE picking paint and I hAtE it even more when I do pick a paint and then really hAtE the color and have to pick another paint!
    So, I'll tell you what I do.
    I find a color I like that some else picked and ask them what color it is or color match it.
    I swear, I even do it with exterior paint, I'll drive right up and knock on the door and ask.

  2. We loved the color of paint that was already on the walls in the living room of our new house. We were fortunate to have a 'palette' already created. We took a piece of sheetrock with the paint on it to a local store and they matched it so well that we were able to touch up areas that we didn't want to repaint altogether.
    Good luck finding the cream that you desire!

    1. I should add that visiting homes on tour is a great way to see wall colors. The other thing that makes picking colors so hard is that the colors change depending on the light and even because of furnishings in the room!