Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Staining the floor

I thought I'd give you a peek at our pond.

Full of geese. It's what we like to look at when we take a break.

A couple of days ago, when I arrived to work on the house, I thought Dave made me a heart in the snow!

Look how perfect! HE didn't even know what I was talking about. Apparently our neighbor came over for a visit on his little "flintstone car", and knowing him, I KNOW he didn't see the heart. What a nice surprise anyway!

Winston, waiting on us to finish up inside.

Now, for what we're up to. I had to prime the walls with paint primer, about four feet up, and across the bottom. We are still waiting for some of the drywall mud to dry, and sand, and dry, and sand....but in the meantime, we decided to have our floor stained. And the cement guy, Derrick, has to put plastic up about four feet on the walls to do this. He tapes it, and if he tapes plain drywall, it'll peel off with the tape when he's finished. So, I had to prime, even though we're not ready.

It's a cement floor and we thought maybe a terra-cotta type look, or something in browns, might look good. So we had to clean the floor really well.

Derrick, is coming over today with three colors and he's going to put all three of them in a closet. It's an acid stain and it all goes on green, so we have to wait until it dries, tonight, to see what the colors will look like, then pick one. It's a variegated type look. I'll show you as soon as I can. It's a three day process. We're excited. This kind of stuff is so much more fun than duct work, plumbing, etc!


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