Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another room finished....almost!

This room is finally done - except for painting!

The far end you are looking at will be for storage, and the other end is my craft room. I am so excited. It has to warm up a bit before we paint down there though. I'll have a place to store all of my craft supplies, and I'll be able to build bee frames in the basement! I won't have to wait until summer time, when I need them, I can have them done ahead of time. Sweet.

You can see the duct work that Dave has been working on. I helped!

See the joint....beside the bracket.

I taped them all. Whut? That's helping. It's something.

I was especially proud of the end.

Then we had to paint these joints with some goopy stuff, where the duct curved.
While Dave was making notes like this....

I was making notes like this! awwwwww sweet.



  1. Awww... cute!
    Hey, I did that goop stuff too! That was nasty stuff!

  2. I love the notes.
    I wish I had of taken photos when we started our journey. I have a few of the outside but not many of the inside. I honestly can say we never could afforded film or developing.:(
    This happened almost 28 I know this cause K will be 28 in June. Have fun we are already repairing new windows etc. never ends. :) B