Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pipes, vents, ducts, lines, holes, etc.

This is the kind of stuff Dave is working on. Water lines, Gas lines, heat ducts and vents, putting holes in floors and walls for vents and pipes etc.

It takes a long time to do by yourself, but he says it's just easier for him to do it than to have me help. (sigh)

He explains it all to me and I'm baffled. Look at all those wires in the box and at the top.

Then he tells me what this and that is for and where it will go,

and he even shows me how to turn things off and on,

but I'm just glad he is a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff, and he labels everything!

And the good news, Dave bought some of that denim insulation for me to try. See how they are using it with their bare hands? No masks, no gloves, on 100 degree days. No itching or dripping sweat onto my mask and fogging up safety glasses! WOOHOO! Dad will love this! He helps me with insulation and I get on him about wearing safety stuff.

That's what's going on at the house.



  1. Before you even mentioned the 'perfectionist' word, I was admiring the neat work your hubby has been doing. It looks great!

  2. Thanks Dreaming! He is neat when it comes to this stuff...but not his clothes!


  3. Living in a 108 year old home, is it wrong that I have envy and sort of a bone deep "lust" at the idea of a home with new pipes and actual INSULATION?