Monday, May 2, 2011

Now it's done...

Dave finally got the garage door openers hung. This was a big ordeal, as was the rails to hold the garage doors, because he had to make them. Why? Because of this vaulted ceiling. I think I told you we tried to cancel the vaulted ceiling, but we were too late because the trusses were already made.

Well the rails and the openers were one of the reasons why we tried to cancel it. It's one of those things that works in theory (or for the architect - it looks good) but actually DOING IT is very difficult. The slant on the ceiling makes it impossible to use regular brackets. Dave made all of the brackets (whatever you call them). Look in the above two pics and you can see where the brackets are different lengths and the garage door opener bracket is slanted and different lengths. It took a lot of figuring and reconfiguring and then he made the brackets. They turned out great. He can just make anything.

Then I had to get on that damned scaffolding again and do some touch up on the paint.

You can see the splotches. Why damned? Because I hit my head, hard, on one of those lights. I'm just real tired of this garage. I'm over it...Done and over it! I spewed bad words when I hit my head. Well, I thought I was going to fall off the damned scaffolding! I didn't fall, but sometimes you just gotta curse. It's the construction worker in me!

I also had to cover the nail holes on trim around the windows (5 total) and doors (3 doors).


(except I noticed while I was on the scaffolding that one of those light fixtures needs fixed...but that is HIS job. I'm done!)



  1. It is beautiful. My hubby would be so jealous. Our garage is very dark, cold and much smaller. He hates working in it and we haven't taken the time to at least put up some decent lights.

  2. That is one cool garage! The lights are still my favorite!

  3. Sorry about your head. It does look great though. B

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  5. YEA one room done and now to put everything out there and start in for the rest of the basement!
    Don't you just love men that can put things together like Dave & Ralph!!
    Congratulations:::great job you two

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