Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hauling Boxes





Well, because of all of the mud from all of the rain, I have to take each box and walk it through all of this...you can see the garage door right there in the middle of the picture....see the light? I walk every box through the garage, the mudroom, the foyer,

the living area,

down these stairs...

to the storage area.

And back up the stairs for the next box...Now dammit, I should be skinny.

See outside this door how muddy it is....that's the basement door, inside looking out.

There..that's better. If this weren't muddy, I could pull right up and walk all the boxes right in the basement.

Right through here....to the storage area, and I'd be done.

Just thought I'd share that info, since I have no house updates to share. It got nice out and Dave wants to be outside. He did start on the basement living area Sunday, thanks to my nagging :-) We would like to be moved in by the end of June. A change from our unrealistic May 1 deadline.



  1. I don't envy you! Especially when the mud makes it a longer trip.
    I've been taking one box of kitchen stuff up each day - I unpack it and bring the box back for the next load. I figure since we are going there to work, I might as well take something with me.
    I've packed up a few other boxes, and we have some in storage I could take - but I haven't wanted to make the trek up and down stairs!! Lazy me!

  2. Wow that is quite the hike. June is not very far you will be there in no time. B