Monday, May 23, 2011

More efficiency area work

Last Monday I went looking for counter top. The piece on the left is in stock, already made, and only $35.00 for the laminate top. We weren't planning on doing anything fancy in the basement kitchen, but I just wasn't liking this already made laminate.

I'll settle for it, but we went to look at some counter top chips. Having it made was only $100.00

When I looked at this I thought of old 60's, 70's houses and those tables with the silver band around them. I like it.

This looks good on white, it is already made, and ready to pick up and put on.

And believe it or not, I've seen a lot of this on HGTV lately on white cabinets.

Blue won, but will Dave like it?

He says If I want it, I can have it, I'm worth it :) He really did say that.

I think they all look fine, but I just want this area to look like it is an old time lake house. The kind you don't see much anymore. The kind they used to have when I was growing up and they'd take old furniture and old stuff that no one wanted anymore, and they'd furnish their lake house with it. I wish I could find some knotty pine for one of the walls.

The wiring is done...what a job. I'm not even going to get into all of the little details, but as I said in the last post, I'm in awe of construction workers.

Then, last Wednesday, Dave asked me to come out to the house to talk about the kitchen area....again. We just were not liking the layout. Remember, the sink had to go on this wall because that's where the plumbing is,

except when Dave saw how cheap this cabinet was made, and how there are no shelves in it, he decided he could run the plumbing along the back wall, and put a hole in the side of the cabinet,

and run the plumbing through the cabinet. Then we could move the sink to this wall, but it has to stay against the wall. I like it better there.

That leaves a little wall space between the cabinet and the fridge.

Standing room only!

Then we moved this little cabinet here, beside the other cabinet.

with the stove in between them. It was ok.

I like this better

I got it last year at a garage sale for $5.00. I can paint it, Dave can make the drawers open easier, it has drawers for my utensils, plus a door for my linens. The stove can go in between this and the sink cabinet. It gives the room a bit of that lake house feel I was talking about. And the vintage type cabinet gives me a bit more counter top. We have a wide shelf we bought at a sale last year that we plan on putting above the stove.

Then on Saturday...I decided to take some stuff to the farm. We're calling this the farm from now on, so as not to be confused with the house we live in. And it was finally dry enough that I could drive right up to the basement door. See this post about driving up to the basement door. After I drove up, we unloaded the car, and took a break. And while we were taking a break, it started raining. We figured it wouldn't hurt to leave the car there for awhile. But when I started driving down the hill...

it was like driving on ice.

And I was heading

straight for this tree.

You can see where my car was sliding on the bottom of the hill. My stomach was in my throat and my heart was pounding. I stopped about two feet before hitting the tree, if that far. Then I backed up, sat there for a couple of minutes and calmed myself down, then drove on home. I think I'm going to stick to walking the stuff through the house.

Yesterday I started insulating the efficiency area. I thought I'd be done insulating in one day but it took a lot longer than I thought it would. I was having problems with the stapler. Turns out I was using the wrong size of staples in the staple gun. And this room has so many things to trim around,

and so many small pieces to cut.

Blogettes, I'm tired, I'm achy, and it's hot, itchy work. You have to wear a mask and a tyvek suit. I have to climb the ladder for the top of the wall and get on the floor for the bottom. I'd rather go somewhere fun, but I want this basement done. So I'm hanging insulation while Dave works. I'm halfway done. We're hanging in there. Dave's tired too.