Sunday, February 13, 2011

Garage is almost done!

I went to our house today to help my Shug work in the garage.
It's been a couple of weeks since I've been there. The first thing I noticed was this light, over the door. I like old light fixtures. I love the blue on this shade. My Shug has it set up so that when you walk in the garage, this light will come on. Nice.
This contraption is also new. He had to figure out something to use for the garage doors. The ceiling is really too high in the garage, but the trusses were already made when we tried to cancel the order, so we couldn't cancel. There is a vaulted ceiling in the garage, which makes it much higher for the contraption that holds the garage doors. It's hard for me to explain so just hang with me and you'll see what I mean.

See what I mean?

Right now we are waiting on a part or two so we can finish the other door. In the meantime, today I wheeled him around on the scaffolding while he puttied the ceiling. This took about four hours. He said if he had to climb up and down that scaffolding all day, it would have taken him two days to do what it took four hours.

We're supposed to get some warm if anyone wants to come to a garage painting party on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, lemme' know ;-)


  1. Finally I remembered to click on your house button and come over for a visit. Wow that is a high ceiling. Ours is pretty high but has two by 4's not sure if that is the right size running across that Jeff uses for storage and our garage door machinery runs along those. I think. Guess I have never paid that much attention. Just am glad they work.

  2. Cindy... Looks like a really nice home. Hoe exciting for you!!!! I live in Louisville. I wonder where in Indiana you are? Wouldn't it be great to be able to grab some coffee together! Wish we could meet and camp in our little campers!! ; )