Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bathroom Ta Dah!

First, THANK YOU to those of you who commented on my last "kitchen" post.  We are still working on the kitchen.  It's a work in progress.  

But for now....the pissoir (that's what Dave calls it!)

Does this happen to you?  You walk in the door from being outside, 
 and you HAVE TO GO to the bathroom NOW!  Yep.  Me too.  
So the door on the right is the door that leads into the house from the outside, 
and the door on the left......

We bought the antique medicine cabinets from my friend Leslie, who moved to Florida a few months ago, and had to get rid of most of the stuff in her house.

 We bought this mirror at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $10.00!

 And the vanity we bought at Lowe's on clearance, before we bought the mirror.  And the two go together just perfectly!
 We did change the little knobs on the front.
And see that opening at the bottom...well I found out I hate open bottom bathroom vanities.  And they are almost all open now.  You cannot get a broom or a mop under them.  And I'm too darn old to get down on a bathroom floor to clean under it.  And's not the getting down part that gets me anyway, it's the getting back up!
 (oh, and if you ever come over and run out of t.p. it's in that basket!)
 So, I asked Dave to make a sort of hidden toe kick all the way around the cabinet bottom,
 and he did!  It looks like a dark hole.  It's not.  It's wood, tucked under the cabinet, painted black!  Yay me!  No cleaning.  Yay Dave.  Happy wife!


  1. What a cute little bathroom! Love the idea of the black toe kick. I am liking cleaning less and less it seems! I don't have a good place to store the extra rolls of toilet paper so maybe a basket in the little bath would fit! Will have to look into it! Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I'm with you on the cleaning part...any way to make it easier works for me!

  3. I love the sink and taps and a very clever thought to close in the cabinet bottom. I wouldn't be asked to clean it and there would be all sorts of unsavoury hair under there!

  4. I love that you call them taps. We say faucet. I hear ya, concerning the hair!