Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Master Bathroom

We've been working on the house, mostly Dave with me throwing in a helping hand now and then, but it's all behind the scenes stuff which is hard to show in pictures.  I mean, you've seen one wire or pvc pipe you've seen them all, right?  And, I can't get a full picture of a room to show you the difference between before and after.  So imagine, the master bathroom on the main level was an empty room with studs, and a few plugged holes in the ground for drains.  
Dave built and put up a few walls....but remember,
 we had to decide where everything was going, way back when.....two years ago....while we were working on the basement bathroom.  We had to have plumbing in place before we closed up the basement walls.  And of course, now I wish we could change it.  I decided I wasn't going to stress on this kind of thing anymore.  It's a bathroom.  So, see where all of those pex (tubing?) are coming out of the ground, and the tall pvc pipe.  Well, that was before we put up

this wall.  The shower goes on one side 
and the tub goes on this side. (where the ladder is)
The tub area now looks like this...below...with a little shelf that will be behind the tub.
Hidden, will be a special note, under the shelf,  just for me (I'll know it's there!)  and he changed the date without me telling him to!  HA HA!  Our anniversary is on New Years Eve.

Now, about the part where you have to figure out where everything goes on the next level.  We had to figure out where everything was going on the 2nd floor bathroom, a couple of weeks ago, even though we are working on the main level master bath.  It didn't take long because you only have a few choices.
See this pipe is in the ceiling of our bedroom and it is coming out of the toilet of the 2nd floor bathroom.  It has to be gently sloped (for obvious reasons)

and it has to run in between the studs, not through them.  So that doesn't give you a lot of options.  The pipe has to come out of the toilet above, and run in between the studs below, lest you weaken your bedroom ceiling/second floor flooring.

It goes across the ceiling into the next room, which is the bathroom,
then you can see where it connects in to the plumbing,
that is also connected into the plumbing in our basement, that we figured out a couple of years ago.  I bet you had no idea all of this was hidden in the walls of your house, did you?  I sure didn't!

I'll talk about doors and lighting next...I don't want to post too many details at once! 


At Christmastime I had some friends over and they wrote on the inside Kitchen walls.  I love having people do that.  Someday.....years from now.....if this house ever comes down, someone will see all of the love that went into building it.

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