Thursday, January 29, 2015

Doors, lighting and duct work

Ok, so I said we'd talk lights and doors....and even though I'm not really in the mood to talk lights and doors, I'm not really in the mood to talk duct work either!  

This is what you have to think about every time you put a light switch up....
 Which way is the door going to open.  
When you open the door, will it swing in or out.  
If it swings in to the room, will there be anything in the way such as a toilet, or a table or whatev...that the door might bump into.
Then after you figure out the door swing, the light switch will generally go on the side where the door opens, as long as there isn't anything in the way.  If there is, you start over with...which way is the door going to open!
Then, what lights do you want to turn on with this switch?
Do you want them to turn on and off on both doors, if there are two entrances in the room.
If so, what way will the other door swing?
You get the idea.
You just have to THINK about every little detail, including door swings and light switches.
Which makes me understand why housing additions pick about three styles of homes, and build them all the same!
Some other stuff...
When you hire an architect, he generally will put a "chase" in a room where all of the duct work and pvc tubing and such will go.
Our chase "room" isn't big enough.

See more room.
Dave labels everything, which I love.

So, we are going to put the freezer (this is the mudroom by the way) where the coat closet was supposed to be.  The ladder is in the closet at the mo.
The closet is now going to go to the right, against that wall, so..more re-doing.  It will hide the chase that way. 
Dave also had to lower the ceiling in the master bathroom in order to have room for duct work.
This is the ceiling in the master bathroom.

And this would be me....squeezed in the closet, trying to wrap and seal duct work.  I got to the very last piece and cut my finger.  VERY VERY VERY LAST PIECE!

While Dave was working on duct work he decided I need a bit of heat in the closet.

Back to the bathroom.....Dave did get a linen closet installed. 

We are very anxious to move upstairs.

That's pretty much a wrap.....I've been talking and meeting with people about kitchen stuff.  I'll share with you next time. TOO many choices!  Get ready to share ideas, suggestions, etc. about your favorite kitchen haves and have nots.



  1. I read several of your posts and I'm just amazed at all the work you're doing! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Reading your blog I get the impression that you have a lot of flexibility of what to put where so you can make changes to your plans to suit your lifestyle as you go along. How does it work in terms of needing permission from local government for your plans? Here in the UK we're trying to renovate our cottage and build an extension as well. We have to get planning permission for all of the plans including all external plans and elevations, precise internal layout, after over a year we still have no permission. If they don't like it they just say no!! It intrigues me what the process is in the states when it comes to building and renovating?