Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Main Porch Steps & Trellises

Last year, at this time, we were constructing the porches.  You can see details in July of 2013.
There were a few details that we did not finish before winter hit.  One was steps leading to the yard on the main porch.  Dave made some steps in an empty room in the house, then the neighbor and I carried them outside to the front of the porch.  They were heavy!
Then Dave put the nuts and bolts in them and did all of the he-man strengthening type stuff so they will hold everyone that walks up and down them.  The hand rails were a bit of a problem.  You couldn't put them straight down...slanted like...because they would hit the steps.  It had to do with the width of the steps. 
Just like construction.....over-time....over-budget.
So Dave did some engineering and brought the handrails straight out for the first step, then slanted them down for the next two.  They look great.  Whenever you use treated wood, which is what you usually use on an outdoor project, you should wait at least a few weeks to paint it. 

This porch is now fini'!

When Dave finished the steps,
he decided we needed a couple of trellises on either side of the windows.  Something...to tie it all together out front.
He painted the trellises when I painted the steps,  and at some point we will add some landscaping.  It's too hot and dry right now.
More porch stuff coming later.....

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