Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grand Banquet Hall Insulated!

First of all, let me say when people come to visit, we want them to write on the walls, and we keep forgetting to have them do it.  So, if you come over please remind us to write on our walls!  Ummm, these would be the INSIDE framework of the walls, not the actual walls.   So disappointed I didn't have everyone write on them on Easter.  I even had the marker out and I forgot. 

  We spent part of the day on Friday insulating the walls in the living room/summer room/grand banquet hall.  Those are all of the names that this room has been called.  We need to think of one and stick with it!  At our house in town that we sold, we called the new room we built on, the "new room" forever! So this room is going to have a dining room table in it, couch, chairs, etc.  It's kind of a living/dining/sitting area.

 We plan on putting a tin ceiling in the grand banquet hall/summer room/living room.  Do you know how hard it is to figure out a tin ceiling when it all has to be special ordered?   It comes in all different sizes and designs.  We put these faux' pieces up to try to decide on a size.  I think the 'four square?' size or the smaller size would look good.  I don't care much for the large square.
in living/summer/grand banquet hall room!


  1. How about 'The Great Hall"?!

  2. I cracked up about the writing on the walls - my dad left notes for the carpenters all the time. The painter was not thrilled when he discovered that Dad's magic marker bled through the paint!

  3. We wrote on our walls too when we built our carriage house and garage.
    Also, when hubby was putting insulation in the roof of my craft studio he was using my walking stick to stuff the insulation in. When he was finished drywalling the roof he realized he left the walking stick up there. I can only imagine in a 100 years when the building has fallen apart what the people will say when they find a walking stick with Waterton National Parks carved into it.

  4. just want to say your blog makes my morning::::enjoy reading your stories and can't wait to get over and see the new look on the house:::
    your cousin

  5. Looking forward to an update on how the house is coming. :) Deb