Friday, September 13, 2013

Porches and Columns

 Front view of the East end porches.  Still need to do ceilings and paint decking, but columns are up and it's looking good!

The columns tend to look like they are centered, depending on where you stand.  We've decided not to make an issue out of it.  It is what it is....the window is not centered on the wall.

 Standing inside the kitchen looking out was my main concern.  I didn't want to look through a window and see a column when I have this gorgeous view!  No problem.

 I finished painting the last column yesterday!!! YAAAAAY!!!

We'll be working on the ceilings next!  The closer these porches are to being finished, the more anxious I am to move upstairs!  Haven't even started on it!



  1. Oh it looks wonderful I can see you moving upstairs it will happen you are heading in the right direction. Hug B

  2. nice, very nice (Robert and Vickie)

  3. What a beauty! Seriously, it just gets more beautiful all the time Cindy!

  4. Step by step it is all coming together!

  5. Thanks really is a work in progress and takes lots of patience. I'm glad I blogged so we can see how much progress we have made.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Slowly and steadily, you're making commendable changes in your updates, Cindy. I'm glad that you've blogged all of these since we can also get some tips on construction and remodeling. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects in your house tour. Hehe!