Monday, September 9, 2013

More Porch drama

Work continues on the porches...
 The decking on the upper porch is now finished.
 We decided to finish the deck portion on all of the porches (three in all), then go back and finish the ceilings and wrapping the wood with aluminum.  Mainly because the temporary osb has been on the porch for two years now and is rotting, and we need structure to hold up the end of the house!  Hence..temporary.
We used treated wood and apparently you aren't supposed to paint the wood for a year!  They said it needs to dry completely out.  Really?  I'm thinking a couple of months...anyone had any experience painting deck wood?  Did you wait a year?
  So anyway, Dave started working on the biggest porch.  And he could only bring a small portion of the wood home at a time.  But he paid for it all at once because it was on sale. It saves money and time doing it this way. You just take your receipt to the lumber yard and they mark down how much you picked up each time, and they keep track of it in their computer. You don't have to go back inside the store every time, go through the register, purchase the wood, then go out to the lumber yard.   I think he made four trips in all, and not in the same day.  When you are doing something this size, by yourself, you get what you think you will use in a day, so it doesn't warp.  

On Dave's third trip to get wood, they told him he got it all on the last trip!  He didn't.  On that trip he only had the truck with him and he picked up four pieces.  Enough to do in an evening after work.  So they had to look at a security camera on the day he picked it up, and find him...on film...picking up the wood...and count the pieces of wood in the truck.  I'm serious.
When he went back for the last load the guy showed him why it was so easy to make a mistake.  Apparently the boxes you 'x' off on the computer are very small.  Whatev...
Back to the porch...the wood does not fit the length of the porch, so you have to lay it as though it were a floor.  Staggering joints and such.
And my man says to me, "See Cindy, you have to be a ballerina to build porches!"  As he walks along the structure...doing a balancing act.
Eyes off the butt....just showing you how you get a porch started with the decking.

On to problem three.....
this kitchen window is not centered....and we have four columns that go on the front of this porch.  If you space them evenly apart, from each end....the right-middle column will be in the middle of the third window....and the left middle column will be on the left side of the window.
There is about an eight inch difference.
to be continued......

The next person that asks me what is taking so long on these porches, or this house facial expression will be nice and smiling....but in my head I will be thinking...
I want to bitch-slap you.
Then I will tell them, nicely, with a smile, "oh, you don't read my blog."  Or I might say, "I'm sure you don't understand, since you've never even built a bird house, let alone a real house."   
GASP!  Did I really just type that?

  If you follow my other blog...the every day random stuff....I mentioned that I would tell you what happened with our house in town that we have for sale.  I get all confused as to which blog this kind of stuff belongs to...and really...does it matter?  Anyway,
As you might recall, I worked my butt off all winter long trying to get the house in town empty and ready to sell by spring.   We had it on the market by the first of May.  At the end of the June we had an accepted offer on the house, that I will admit I never felt good about and I told my husband and the realtor at the time I didn't feel good about it.  Our realtor reassured me that it was a good offer, and he was pre-approved.  She wouldn't believe it either, "but she heard the lender talk to the other realtor." The reason I didn't feel good about it, was because he was getting a government loan, in Texas, and we live in Indiana.  
Remember back in the spring we had a lot of flooding.....I copied this picture off of my other blog as a reminder of the flooding....and also, the buyer's house is down the side street in this area.
Apparently our government offers a loan to natural disaster victims of 1%, to help them get back on their feet.  But they have to use their insurance money for a down payment.  They don't have to get an appraisal or an inspection.  The only stipulation, it cannot be in flood zone.  So the first week in July we accepted his offer.  They never showed the house again.  Once you have an offer peeps, beware, realtors stop showing the house.
Now, I happened to see this guy pull out of our driveway with his realtor one day, and I told our realtor at that time I think the guy spent his insurance money because he wasn't driving the same old beat up truck.   Her comment, "he better not have."
What I did not know at that time, was that he was supposed to use that insurance money for a down payment on our house.  When it came time for the lender to cut the check, the guy told his realtor he "Spent the money fixing up his house" IN FLOOD ZONE.
Dave asked the realtor why didn't his realtor guide him a little better.  He said, "I thought it was a realtor's job to kind of guide and screen prospective buyers.  To help them along...."
No matter...We got a different realtor.  
Wish us luck.


  1. Oh my. Big sigh for you.
    I am so sorry about the sale falling through - what a mess.
    As for the columns not being centered on the window (or the window being center on the columns)... I don't think it will be anything a person (except you) notices, unless they are sitting away from the porch and studying it. I think the columns will attract the eye, and the eye will naturally be drawn to other features of the house, like the larger front porch.

  2. Wishing you luck just as hard as I can!

    BUTT?!? O_O

    My dad used to call walking board to board (or railroad tie to railroad tie) gandydancing.

  3. Hey wish us luck today...our new realtor called us last night and he already has an offer on our house!