Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brick moving update

Vacation agenda....not on vacation anymore...still moving bricks.
 People keep asking me if we are finished moving bricks yet.  One friend said, "I thought you were doing that Tuesday."  We did do that Tuesday.  And Wednesday.  And next Monday. 
 NO WE ARE NOT DONE!  Here is the ORIGINAL pile.  The pile we are moving.  You can only put so many in the truck because they are heavy.
This is a huge pile, but if you have ever made anything out of bricks, you know it takes A LOT of bricks to make anything.   
On Sunday, Dave stopped by our house in town.  As he was walking into our back yard, two people started walking OUT of our back yard!   They were the new neighbors next door that we haven't met yet.  They were just checking the place out.  Then they said, "I noticed you let a pile of bricks behind, mind if we take them."  Ummm, yes.

So, after getting stuck in the mud, my Shug told me I was going to learn to drive the tractor.  I transferred the bricks from the back of the truck to the tractor and took it back to the brick pile.  Can't anything just be easy?

Yesterday I moved three loads and I did not have to use the tractor.  The rain has stopped, the ground is dry, and I pulled the truck right up to the brick pile.  My arm is killing me.  Three loads is a lot of bricks to move in one day.  But I'm going to get that marked off the list.  I'm determined.

Cindy Bee


  1. Hurting yourself won't speed things up at all, but look at you all farmgirly!

  2. Oh I LOVE seeing you the country tractor driving I knew you would fit in perfectly girl YEAH. Come for a visit you can drive my big tractor now.
    Strange neighbours maybe:) ? Hug B