Thursday, May 23, 2013

Almost finished!!!

This is the brick pile the house in town.  (some of my pictures are distorting and I have no idea

 This was it when we first started.

 And this is all we can fit in the truck before it gets too heavy.  

 I have no idea how to thank this lady for all of the help she has given me.

 We have one more day to work on bricks...and that's it.  I told her I'd do it by myself but I wouldn't want her to miss that feeling of jubilation when you pick up the last brick!  It'd be like running a race, but letting someone else cross the finish line for you.  Right?

 And this is the brick piles in the country!

And I might add...this (above photo) is how BOYS stack bricks.....
 and this is how GIRLS stack bricks!

 Oh and one last thing....these this pic....way a TON..
each. one. of. them. weigh. a. ton!



  1. im gonna say this as lovingly as possible Cindy... know you are burnt out on house building when you take pride in moving piles a bricks...and you take pictures to document... and your blog is about moving bricks... only another crazy do it yourselfer would understand...and I sad...thats why your friend wants to be there, Cindy. its not because she wants to move bricks, its because shes worried about you and doesnt want to find you UNDER a pile of bricks, Cindy. The best way to reward your friend to tell her over and over that you are feeling okay and then not tell her or ask her to help you move drywall or any other odd substance that normal people dont touch on a daily basis... NORMAL people, Cindy, think NORMAL... ;p

    seriously, there should be a recovery rehab spa for DIY house builders...I'd meet you there...

  2. Amazing! i am sure it will be nice to get that pile of your chest =) That patio or what it will become of it, will shine from all the love and care you have spent to get in into place. There really isnt anything that can match the beauty of old brick flooring. Especially if its laid in a herringbone pattern! I am sure you have multiplied your under-arm and hand strength.

  3. Oh, my hands and arms are aching, as well as my legs and back, in sympathy. I have been there, and done that! (and I do have to laugh at Feral's comments!!)