Thursday, July 5, 2012


On Sunday and Monday, I hung insulation in the bath/laundry room in the basement. Why is it, that anytime I hang insulation, it is HOT out? When working with insulation you have to wear jeans, long sleeves, gloves and a mask. I took several breaks.
And speaking of breaks, I temporarily broke the stapler. I was fighting and fighting with it. After a couple of hours of it jamming constantly, I went and bought a new one. Dave fixed it, but he had to take the entire thing apart. Apparently it was some sort of jam.

Anyway, people think because it's a small room, it should be done quicker. Quite the opposite.

In a small room, especially a room that has duct work

and pex

and pipes and drains

and wires

you have to figure out how to fit it all in this small room. It would have been easier to have a big room. Then I had to figure out how to get insulation above and/or behind all this stuff. It was a long, hot, two days. I felt glass slivers in my skin even though I wore long sleeves. I'm glad it's over. So glad. The temps have gone up to 101 - 103 degrees outside. We don't have air conditioning in this room, but since it's in the basement, it's cooler than outside. It almost feels like air conditioning. Almost...


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  1. That is my most hated job! We took the contract on insulating our first home. It was hot. We were sweaty. We had fiberglass rashes for a long time. Yuck. Ptooey! Good luck!