Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Men, Some Beer, and a Backhoe...

As you can see, Backhoe man was right, but I will never tell him that! He has the hillside smoothed out pretty nice. We'll be planting some grass seed someday soon and some trees/bushes in the fall.

This is one of the trees we took out. The biggest one.

That tree was gonna come down sooner or later, with or without our help.

The 'road' leading from the back of the driveway to the walkout basement. It'll get covered in gravel someday soon.

You can drive up to the walk-out now, which I have to admit is very nice. You can see in this picture, in the upper left corner how long our actual driveway is. This driveway was already here when we bought the land, but it was covered in weeds. We cleared it and had gravel hauled in. Then they tore up the yard when building the house, installing the septic, well, gas line, electric, etc. The grass that was there (that we also cleared and planted when we bought the land) ended up buried under the piles of mud. And when it kept raining and raining, the mud started going into the driveway. then weeds started growing in it, and you couldn't plant grass seed again because it needed smoothed out. It's looking good now.

This is the walkout area. We are going to landscape it eventually. We still need to have that brick moving party in order to landscape this area. My cousin Troy will be home soon, I think we'll have the 'party' then! Anyway, we are going to put old brick down for the patio area which is up by the door, then plant some sort of bushes for a divider line and privacy. See where the 2x6's run parallel to the house. That's where the bushes will go. We'll have other plans in the other raised beds. Herbs, roses, red honeysuckle.....We'll put gravel in for the parking area. The frames that Dave built are to keep the gravel out of the plant area, since we won't be planting anything or building the patio until after we are moved in. We will, however, need the gravel put in before it starts raining again.

It seems everything has to be done NOW, and before this and before that, and it feels we are never going to get moved into that basement. I'm getting discouraged. I do keep reminding myself that we are moving forward.


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