Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enclosed the basement

This is the main level of the house, not the basement. But, by putting up the o.s.b. here, on the main level, we have enclosed the basement. It was too damp down there. And that is a temporary door btw. One we had sitting around for some reason. Who knows why. I certainly don't.

So now our basement is enclosed and there are two dehumidifiers running in it.

And that's the way it's been since July 2, when we started working on the yard. "What do you mean", you ask? Well, we have not worked IN the basement living area... much. A little, but not a lot, which is frustrating. We have worked on things or issues concerning the basement and the living area. Like the yard issue. They left the area of yard around the basement too high, so we have worked in the yard trying to get it leveled out so water would not keep pooling against the house. And yes our neighbor is doing the backhoe work, but he needs help doing certain things. Which takes Dave out of the basement.

And we are working on the mud issue so we don't lose our entire yard in the driveway.
And the dampness issue, which I just discussed.
And the lighting issue. Dave wired the entire basement because there were certain rooms that didn't have power yet, therefore, no lights, and it was frustrating (have I used that word twice in this post?) not being able to see.

We did insulate the pantry, insulate the water pipes, plug a hole in the wall in the basement (don't even ask) and move a doorway that goes into the bathroom, and put up some lighting in the basement, but none of that was done in the living area of the basement. But all of this takes time...lots of time.

And then there's the color issue. blues...greens...I'm tired of green. I have green in the house I live in now. I'm into blues....but not these I'll keep trying.

In the meantime, the house progress is moving forward...

very s l o w l y.



  1. I like the blues too. Hope things get better with it all soon!

  2. Oh yes, it is frustrating when you get pulled 'off the job' and don't get things accomplished that you had planned on completing. Been there! Done that! are making huge progress! The blog doesn't lie!

    I know been there and done it couple of times::first with building this house::then with remolding~~hang in there~~~get mad and then paste that smile on your face and do something interesting::::
    your cuz