Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hilltop Farm - Now

After they poured the footers and the cement dried, they removed the 2 x 6 boards. They had gravel hauled in and it was spread all the way around the footers, then on the ground of what will be our basement. Then the frames for the walls started going up.

It took three days to get these frames up and secured. On Monday, tomorrow, the plan is to have the cement truck come and pour our walls.

I found out this week that I have to make some decisions on my kitchen. I thought I'd have at least another year. The framer needs to know where one of the windows is going to go, which means we have to decide where the appliances will go. So I made appts. with a couple of kitchen designers to try to figure this out. That room in the back is my kitchen. We're actually looking through what will be the walk-out basement doors.

This is how high the basement walls will be. See the pile of dirt in the front. They will move that dirt and slope it, so that it doesn't look like the house is sticking way out of the ground.
It's been quite a learning experience for us. Yesterday we went out there and measured the basement walls to make sure everything was square. It is. They are doing a wonderful job.

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