Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basement floor - Now

Monday, September 27, 2010. They poured the basement floor. This was an all day event. While waiting on the cement truck to show, they continued filling around the house in gravel.

And prepared the floor for the pour.

The contractor explained to me the plastic is a moisture barrier. It helps with dampness in the basement. The rebar is to reinforce the bearing walls.

Truck number one shows up.

I thought they got dangerously close to that cement coming down and believe me, it was coming down hard.

Truck number two.

These guys worked so hard yesterday spreading and smoothing that concrete.

Even the company owner worked hard. He's in the blue on the right side of the 2x4. Dad came out to watch with me and said, "what's he doing working that hard, he's the owner?"

Now this I couldn't believe! Dad and I were sitting on the swing chatting. The trucks were gone.

What's he doing?

We had to walk around and take a look. They gently threw those pieces of Styrofoam down, from standing up above....then they gently lowered themselves down on the Styrofoam pieces. Unbelievable! They smoothed the edge of the wall all the way around the house.

We were impressed.

Finishing touches

While the three guys put on the finishing touches to the floor, the others laid out the garage.

They started digging the footers for the garage. They poured the footers yesterday afternoon, I missed it. I don't even think they took a lunch hour. Today they will pour the garage walls. I was told the basement crew will be done this week and the framing crew will start this week.
I have to admit, this is all still very overwhelming to me.


  1. I totally get why you are overwhelmed... wow. I am impressed though! It's going to be beautiful out there!

  2. I was just over here a few days ago. You said you were going to build a house. Holy cow you were not kidding you already have a basement! Busy Bees aren't you? My son in law works for his dad who ones a cement business. There is quite a few steps that need to be done so it is done well and last for a good long time.

  3. Hi TH & Brenda,

    I was not kidding when I said it's happening fast and it's overwhelming. Wait until you hear the next story. We are so naive'!

    And yes there are a lot of steps to insure that the cement lasts for a long time. We feel pretty good about the guy doing our basement. He seems to take pride in his work and he works right along side the other guys.

    The framing crew starts tomorrow.