Monday, August 12, 2013

Painting issue

 After painting these porch columns and bases and caps in place, we decided the best thing to do was to paint all of the columns on the unfinished porch we have left.  And put all of the bases and caps on a table and paint them, then touch up any scratches.  It's just too hard painting them in place, and covering everything, to make sure we don't get paint on cement or wood. 

 So Dave braces them to the porch so they won't fall over,
 and roughs them up with a palm sander.
 Then I clean them with a vinegar and water solution,
 and paint them with Latex paint.
   Deeeeep......cleansing.....breaths....because we are so tired of  these things.
 And remember the oil based paint I returned?  Because I didn't like the way the paint looked on the bases and caps...Well here you go.

What do you think...would you be happy with this?  They all turned out this way, and that's not the worst of it.  Dave had a couple of the posts set, and he called me to the porch.
 Yup, it's already peeling off.  SO...AFTER MUCH DISCUSSION...because I didn't want to leave it that way and as you can imagine, he's tired of re-doing everything....
 he took the oil painted bases and caps off of the porch. 

 I've been peeling the paint off of all of these so I can re-clean, prime, and paint them. 
 But I am visiting the paint store this afternoon.  This is ridiculous.  I e-mailed them and their response was to call or come in.  I'll be nice, but I want some sort of compensation.
What do you think would be fair?
  My first inclination was to have them replace the bases and caps which would be $350.00.  These things cost $50 a pair and I painted 7 pair with their paint.  I already removed the paint from some of them, so my second thought was to have them remove the paint from the rest of them and re-clean, prime and paint them.  But the truth is, they probably won't do either.  What are your thoughts.
 I used this primer that is recommended in the manufacturer's instructions and is expensive.  $20 bills for that little can.  And all of the latex painted bases turned out perfect.

 So he is working on the upper balcony as much as he can, and trying to work around the painting issue

 and I'm trying to get stuff painted so he can get these porches finished. 
Someone asked me what our time deadline was to get moved in.  We are moved in!
Our time get these porches finished before snow hits!



  1. Oh, my. I'd be spitting nails. Arghhh!
    Good luck. I can't wait to hear what the paint store has to say.

  2. Me neither:::::::oh I would be yelling big time by the first go around::::then hauling the product back to them and asking politely for my money and re-imburstment and help as to what to use::::
    by then I would be pissed at them as well and not so nice!!
    think you got the picture::::: lol
    good luck