Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving and the last two weeks!

Ok so I realize I haven't blogged for a long time.  There is a reason.  I am going to attempt to explain and get all caught up in this one post.  On September 22, we moved into the one room in the basement of our house on Hilltop Farm....the one I have been blogging about on this very blog.  I realized right away I needed help, so I called in the troops.  Mom & Dad!
We started moving stuff in and they started cleaning.  (You can read more about that on my other blog by clicking here)

So we moved what we needed to live in one room in the basement.

 And here we are living in the basement, no tv, no internet, and the fog rolls in and I felt VERY ISOLATED.

 But life in the basement goes on.
We decided I needed a shelf between the two cabinets so Dave built me one...
 and I went to a local coffee shop to blog...
 and work on boxing stuff up and cleaning in the house in town that we left in a big mess. So far I have one bathroom done and half a bedroom. 
 And I did a tiny bit of halloween decorating....
 and finally on Saturday I got wifi!
and more shelves!!!  It's starting to look and feel like a home.
and every night poor lil' Dixie would just cry in his cage so we made him and Winston a bed on the floor at the end of our bed.  They sleep through the night now and don't cry and I love it.
And my man is the only man I know that can spend days on end building a coat closet...

 but it's starting to look good and feel like home. 
And I love it!



  1. Hooray! Congrats! Now the real work begins!

  2. so glad to hear you are settled in and you have internet!
    It looks very nice I must say::::
    now enjoy what you have done!
    the cuzin gloria

  3. Hi Cindy, looks like you have a busy life at the moment. Your mom looks like a sweetie pie, does she blog? Thank you so much for stopping by and for the sweet comment. I'll bet that your birdhouses are wonderful. Can I find them in your archives? Have a great and beautiful autumn weekend.
    Your blogging sister Connie :)

  4. Hi Cindy, Wow, as busy as you are you still find time to visit. I'm so happy that you like the new color . . . Steve came home from work that evening and stood in the kitchen and just repeated "Wow" about three times. He really likes the new cheery look :) It's funny, because sometimes (being a man) I have to point out a new change to him, LOL. I love your visits!
    Hope you get all moved in before bad weather hits.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)