Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bathroom vanities, drapes, curtain rods

The latest dirt on the house....

we cleaned it up!!! ha ha ha ha...yup, I'm going crazy!

My cousin Gloria came over to help me clean up a room. She helped me set up my craft room the week before. I think she's coming over again next week!!! (teehee-ahem-maybe not)

This room is beside my craft room and since I'm going to be moving from a three bedroom house to a one roof efficiency, I'm going to need extra room. So I'm putting extra necessary items in this room.

Dave texted me this picture and I got all excited thinking it was working. It wasn't. He just wanted me to see what it looked like. NICE already...get it working!

I am so tired of looking at bathroom vanities. I love this one by Martha, but it doesn't come in a bigger size, which we need. I think when we do the upstairs bathroom, we are going to buy two of these and put them side by side.

And I really like this medicine cabinet.

And I thought she was cute. I told Dave I was going to do this to our water heater. He said no, I said yes, he said no, I said yes.

Then later in the week, he sent me this pic! GUESS WHAT? IT'S WORKING It's WORKING!

Have I mentioned....

I am








I am.

We got this one.

I am also tired

of looking at curtains

and drapes

and curtains

and drapes.

And curtain/drape hardware.

No Vickie! I do NOT want that drapery rod.

Jeeeeesh....I'll never look at a curtain rod the same again!



  1. Yes i will be back::::NOT this week but in another one;::OK just let me know your schedule:::OK
    the cuz

  2. I have decided that there are just too many choices. If we had fewer choices we'd probably be quite satisfied with what we selected!

  3. You are just wrong...like really, really wrong. I approve! (Btw, I got mail; thank you! Be looking for yours early next week with a little surprise!)

  4. and I can't wait to come and try that "new" toilet out! and see what you have done to the bathroom:::
    the cuz

  5. Dreaming - I agree. Too many choices. On everything. When I went to get a new coffee pot I had about 40 different ones to choose from. Ridiculous.

    Jacqueline - LOL!

    Gloria - you can use that potty as much as you want to!


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