Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grass and gutters!

Look at all of this nice thick lush grass!

Remember the slats my Mom was painting in the last post? Or maybe two posts ago. Well there it is, covering up the big pipe coming out of the yard for the well pump.

Pretty cool garage sale find for 20 bills huh?

And the back porch,

now looks like this. (and my pictures will not move to the left so I'm just going to go with it)

Did you notice in the last picture, and this one, we have gutters! Gutters and grass.

Lots of both!



  1. Hey it is all looking pretty good out there! In fact down right pretty house
    NOW to spend more time in side???
    Had a nice short vacation, ready for work time again?
    the cuzin gloria

  2. Wow this is amazing it is coming along so nicely.
    What is this about you up a ladder your poor Dad holding it with only a cell phone. Crazy girl :) B