Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yard work - done - finally - sort of!

After several tri-axle loads of stone (#2 and #52 specifically - I never knew rocks were numbered until now)

And us picking up rocks

and more rocks,

and more rocks....for weeks.

43 bales of straw

400 pounds, give or take, of grass seed, and fertilizer,

and hours of back hoe time from backhoe man

What used to look like this

now looks like this.

we have two rock walls,

extending from the retaining walls by the walk out basement (all of those rocks/boulders were picked up on our property by the way)

The entire walk-out area is graveled. We have a landscaping plan that will be done later.

We used an old piece of sandstone, original to one of the previous homes on the property, for the entry step.

We have a gravel driveway leading from the driveway, to the walk out basement.

The front yard is mostly seeded and covered in straw now.

The South east side of the property before

is now seeded and covered in straw (did I mention 43 bales of straw being laid down in 100 degree temps. )

And these areas used to be big holes, right up against the house. We would worry because those holes were by the basement wall and when it would rain they would fill up with water. In the winter that water would freeze. We were afraid water would seep through the basement or the thawing and freezing in winter time would crack the basement wall. Those holes are now filled in.

The west side yard - seeded (and now covered in straw)

The back yard was left like this

after the well was put in the ground.

Now it looks like this.

And what started it all....the East side of the garage

is now seeded and grass is coming up. And the trees are gone.

Some day we plan on putting evergreens back where the other trees were, but for now, we're letting grass grow....everywhere.

If anyone wants to spend a LOT of time watering grass, come one over!



  1. Holy rock pile! What a lot of work you've had done - it really looks great. I love the before and after pictures! You should take pictures every year as you put in landscaping and it begins to grow and mature!

  2. Wow - that looks like hard work and lots of it too!! Fantastic results though - you've earned a rest!!

  3. It looks great! Lots of hard work, but well worth it!

  4. rocks and work:::wow NO wonder I don't catch you on AIM lately! but boy does it look nice:::can't wait to ride over and see it in person:::
    gloria the cuzin