Friday, December 31, 2010

Mostly the Garage - now

See's wiring? It's wiring for garage doors, garage lights, etc. You have to wire before you put the insulation in and the ceiling up.

This is a garage door, minus the hardware. They are not 'movable' though. They are just in. Dave has to finish putting the ceiling up, and the support tracks up, so the doors will open.

And before he did one more thing, he had to get some things organized so he could find stuff. It was getting pretty messy out there. This is our breezeway. He's turned it into his office area.

I thought I'd show you the "man curtains!" See them on the window?

A piece of cardboard held up by two nails!

and here, Dave is showing me yet one more brilliant idea. We have a linen closet upstairs. It's just a small closet with room for a few shelves for towels. Well, why not blow out the wall and use up some of this attic space.
We'll have a linen ROOM!

but first, let's finish the garage doors and garage, so we can get started in the basement, so we can get moved in. Our goal is to move into the basement area by May 1.

While we were taking a break in our unfinished family room, I had to snap a picture of this sunset.
Here are a few more garage pics. The south wall he was working on this week is now done.
wiring...insulation...osb - done!

He's going to put work benches under those big windows..

Garage doors are up, but as I said, they are not finished or working yet. Just keeping the wind and animals out.

Our courtyard? It warmed up in the last couple of days and we have a muddy mess! But you can get a lot more work done when it's warm out and I love it.

We're moving forward...

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  1. It is moving along::once warm temps hit think how much will get done:::Like the linen closet idea.
    I do check your blog for the house regularly. and your other one
    Enjoy them both gloria